The Summerscales Family of Kildwick
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Joseph SUMMERSCALES's other family: with Mary RUSHWORTH ( -1786)
Joseph SUMMERSCALES's parents: Henry SUMMERSCALES (1704-1777) and Ann SMITH ( - )

Family of Joseph SUMMERSCALES and Sarah BRADLEY

Husband: Joseph SUMMERSCALES (1750-1810)
Wife: Sarah BRADLEY ( -1836)
Marriage 31 Jan 1788 Addingham

Husband: Joseph SUMMERSCALES

Sex: Male
Father: Henry SUMMERSCALES (1704-1777)
Mother: Ann SMITH ( - )
Birth 19 Mar 1750 Silsden
Death 29 Aug 1810 (age 60) of "gravel and dropsy" in Addingham

Wife: Sarah BRADLEY

Name: Sarah BRADLEY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Death 1836 Addingham

Note on Husband: Joseph SUMMERSCALES

First marriage to Mary Rushworth was witnessed by John and Thomas Rushworth. Joseph was then a weaver. His second marriage was witnessed by William Hall and William Summerscales, he was then a piece-maker. Will dated 4th October 1808 of Gildesber, Addingham mentions his houses, gardens and butchers shop, Sarah his "beloved" wife and son William. He states his holding at the Piece Hall in Bradford should be sold. His sole executor was John Coates the rector of Addingham. Witnessed by Thomas Cowling, Thomas Tillotson and John Robinson.

There was a codical added 10th August 1810 in which the interest arising from 20 (payable in the future), then in the hands of the executor of his brother Henry, to Sarah his wife. When the 20 became payable it was to go to his grandson John the son William


Proved 1810 total value less than 300.