The Summerscales Family of Kildwick
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Elizabeth SUMMERSCALES's parents: John SUMMERSCALES (1737-aft1802) and Grace COWLING ( - )

Family of Michael HARRISON and Elizabeth SUMMERSCALES

Husband: Michael HARRISON ( - )
Wife: Elizabeth SUMMERSCALES (1784?-1868)
Marriage 19 Feb 1810

Husband: Michael HARRISON

Name: Michael HARRISON
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Skipton

Wife: Elizabeth SUMMERSCALES

Name: Elizabeth SUMMERSCALES
Sex: Female
Father: John SUMMERSCALES (1737-aft1802)
Mother: Grace COWLING ( - )
Birth 1784 (est)
Death 16 Nov 1868 (age 83-84) Beamsley

Note on Wife: Elizabeth SUMMERSCALES

living 1802, bequeathed an extra 5 in father's will, perhaps for looking after him Living Blubberhouses 1857 (brother Henry's will)